Wolves against VR


There are many wolves that harass Virtual Reality. Many mouths drooling and raging that revolve around its prey waiting for it to stumble, to fall, to be able to pounce on it, to be able to grasp it from the jugular and give it its last tooth. To be able to say it, before saw it die, an “I told you so”.

Virtual Reality has had enemies and detractors since it began its journey more than 50 years ago. There was always an excuse, there was always something that motivated disinterest, denial, even rejection and exclusion. It is and will be – it has earned this record- the most reviled technology of the modern era. VR and the electric car technology. Both have been the subject of the worst harassment than an obsolete and reluctant industry has ever shown toward another nascent industry.

The first in naysaying and trying to curb Virtual Reality have been the great videogame studios. Many of them have say NO and haven’t wanted to know anything. Nor should we forget filmmakers and people from TV and film industry who have dedicated to ignore VR.

The second to despise Virtual Reality have been videogame console companies. Nintendo hasn’t wanted to know anything, Apple has made it as if it did not exist, and Microsoft has skipped it and gone only to Augmented Reality. Only Sony has had the courage to embark on the adventure.

We must continue with production companies, those companies full of corked guys with many millions in the pocket that all they want is to see their bank account increased with either video games or audiovisual content. I am talking about people like ZeniMax, who forbidden one of the greatest video game luminaries of all times, John Carmack, to be able to dedicate himself to port his games to VR. John Carmack, opensource’s biggest supporter in videogames, a key actor in the history of video games that allowed some studios like Valve to have their first graphics engine because he donated the source code, a key figure in some of the biggest improvements in video game graphics that has not hesitated to openly share them in the web, which has been shamefully demanded by ZeniMax, the owner of his id Software studio for a few years. And what is a  incredible that ZeniMax has the shame to do, demanded for stealing code from a company that had refused to make code for VR! Incredible also the demand has prospered in a way that the current Carmack company, Oculus, will have to pay to ZeniMax the hefty figure of 500 million dollars. Very sad!

We must not forget in this process of denial to mass media, who are always eager to make news a claim for their websites crowded with ads. VR, which has only been rolling out from a year now, has now some saying that is going to fail. How soon some people want VR to go to hell just to be able to put a new flashy headline on their website! Very sad again!

Finally, do not forget users, those fanatic users with very few neurons in brain that are capable of get married with a brand, a product, a platform, or VR company visions or policies. Users who are happy when a company like Oculus trip over, when it has been the first company in launching the current VR industry. Users who are ready to diseminate all sorts of slanders on the web as long as their preferred brand prevails, even if it is at the cost of giving a bad image of VR that can make reticent thousands of other users.

All these people do nothing to help Virtual Reality to be a recognized and appreciated technology. They all are very carefully elaborating a profuse list of hoaxes and downsides, a list that they never loose time creating when it comes to other technologies. Why this happens to VR is something that I do not understand, and is like a social pathology for me. Perhaps it is a technology that has been so disfigured in films and literature and that has been so bad-characterized that it is already part of a collective subconscious impossible to change.

I don’t know. I don’t know, I do not want to know. I only know what I see, what I have in front of me when I put on VR headset. It is a technology that is very mature, incredibly mature, and extraordinary in its capabilities, in what it can do for us. From here to the next few years it can only improve and become easier to use, more powerful, more comfortable. And neither detracting studios, nor filmmakers anchored to 3D theaters, nor ZeniMax, nor yellow press nor anti-Oculus fanatics are going to make it stop thriving. There are already good and big companies involved, like Facebook, Sony, Valve, Samsung, big producers, great filmmakers and forward-looking actors, many companies that see their potential in countless professional fields.

If someone thinks that he is doing some damage to the VR industry, he can stop thinking in wolves and start closing his mouth. His fangs are going to run out of bite. VR has arrived and it is a very big bear that is going to give its blow to the wolves in due time.



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