This’s how good VR is done

Yesterday we had an appointment with Oculus Connect 3, the annual conference of Oculus where they offer their latest advances for users and developers. And I wasn’t dissapointed. Oculus, I said it before, is for me the flagship VR company. Others have stepped into the car, but Oculus has been who raised the interest. Others seek to imitate Oculus, but Oculus sets the mark. They are the reference, and apparently, as seen yesterday, they will remain.
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The problem with VR reviews

When Virtual Reality products are compared, usually are wrongly compared for a reason: no balance is analyzed, only those factors that prioritizes who writes the review.
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Why do I like Oculus Rift a lot more than HTC/Valve Vive?

Well, finally they are in my hands. The two VR products for PC that will compete in the coming years as the benchmark for VR PC. Both have reached me about the same time, and I could start to try them intensively studying their strengths and weaknesses and starting to enjoy all kinds of experiences in VR, this time not with a product for developers, but with the end consumer products.
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Reflector progress update (#10)

Create 3D content that is as true historically as possible is a very complex task, especially if your target is VR. As an example I will show you the process that I followed with the Arch of Septimius Severus.
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Google will lead VR and AR

This is the conclusion I have reached after listening to the latest news that have accumulated in recent weeks. Google had entered the new industry a bit shy with Google Cardboard. But last week, during Vision Summit 2016, Google has already announced that will focus all efforts possible in VR.
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Gen 2 of VR is here

It has been long months of waiting, but finally it’s happening. The first commercial VR device of the second generation finally goes on sale today, January 6, 2016, and it will be Oculus who finally have that honor.
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Valve, the great hope of VR?

In the beginning it was Oculus. And it was Oculus who started it all, particularly a young boy, Palmer Luckey, whose enthusiasm for VR eventually infected an entire group of entrepreneurs to form their company, and even spreaded to one of the greatest legends in the creation of videogames, John Carmack.
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The amazing GearVR software

In previous posts I mentioned the disappointment has been that Oculus and Samsung have opted in mobile VR for a system that requires connecting a phone to a headset, instead of the much more versatile way of using a small portable mini-console in the style of an iPod that does not have to be housed in the headset, to lighten the weight in the head and get many other advantages.
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Why they call it mobile VR when they mean…

Why in many media and even in VR companies as Oculus they talk about a mobile Virtual Reality when they mean “Virtual Reality for mobile phones”? Is GearVR really a pair of Virtual Reality goggles?
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Concept artists of ancient Rome

Recently I have received a gift that I have made myself, the book The Rome of the Caesars from Gilles Chaillet and other book he has in a collection of illustrated books The voyages of Alix . I must say that the drawings of Rome from this author are second to none, and have given me a breath of fresh air to conceptualize Discovr Rome.
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TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

The last edition TechCrunch Disrupt, 21 to 23 September, has been a new important point in Discovr Labs roadmap. There was Josh Maldonado bringing back all his strength and enthusiasm to seek funding for Education in Virtual Reality.
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Still waiting for true mobile VR

During these days in the Oculus Connect 2 there have been major announcements for the future of what is known as mobile VR, that portable systems that let you enjoy RV experiences without take with you expensive and heavy equipment.
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The Final Medium

“We are at a point in the history of technology that for the first time we have invented a device equivalent to a Virtual Reality press, the HMD or headset, but we are still waiting for the novel to be invented, so say, the content to fill the press”. Ivan Sutherland
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Inmersed Europe 2015

During September 3rd and 4th I have been lucky to be able to attend the Inmersed event, which this year’s edition has been hosted in Europe and surprisingly in Murcia, Spain. It was too good to let escape this opportunity, and it has fully been worth.
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My private Ancient Rome in VR

When I started this project I was just trying to learn game-engines to create historical reconstructions in VR. I was convinced that soon many products would appear to transport us to ancient Rome, Athens, Alexandria … But the truth is that I waited in vain for six months and noticed that there was very little movement in this area. So encouraged by a strong desire to experience what could be to feel transported to another ancient site, I jumped to the task.
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VR cheaper than ever

Recently Oculus has published the specs and requirements the Rift will have when released early next year. They are very restrained requirements that will ultimately achieve the cherished dream of an affordable VR for everyone, something that has been the main focus in Oculus since they began their work, and many others are following now.
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Oculus Rift CV1 expected for Q1 2016!!

Great news have jumped today. Oculus Rift CV1, the first commercial version of the product from Oculus, will go on sale later this year, although it is expected that during first quarter of 2016 orders will be shipped.
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Showcasing to media and investors!

In the UploadVR web are spreading the word of DISCOVR projects, and DISCOVR ROME among them. As part of the River program from Rothemberg Ventures, DISCOVR is interviewed to explain their future plans for educational content in VR. The reason for the profiling that UploadVR is doing is the last 27th april showcase held at AT & T park in San Francisco where all the companies under the program shown their projects and progressions to potential investors.
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Is VR a disruptive technology?

In recent months and last year Virtual Reality has again become a common topic of conversations about new technologies. I, that usually do not join immediately the adoption of a new technology, made an exception here. VR has called my attention almost from the first moment it has come back to the news.
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Great news!!

I am proud to announce that this project has entered a new level. Now I’m joining forces with the company DISCOVR to pursue the dream of seeing ancient Rome reconstructed in Virtual Reality.
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The downsides of the Oculus-Samsung agreement

I have to admit that I haven’t been a convinced GearVR buyer. I’ve acquired it to see first hand the product rather than because I’ve seen in it a success, and because I want to start learning how to use this product in VR apps. Read more.

Testing the GearVR

The GearVR arrived a few days ago, and I quickly have started with it to see firsthand what it’s like the new product from “Oculus” made by Samsung. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#9)

It’s been a few weeks since my last report on project status, so here’s a little information. To put it simply, I’ve had to redo everything. Read more.

Motion capture for VR

The next months several commercial products oriented to give Motion Capture for VR will be available. Four products have caught my attention… Read more.

First weeks with DK2

DK2 arrived, finally. After a year since DK1 shipping began, many developers were already looking to get their hands on the new iteration of the Oculus VR Developer Kit. Read more.

Researching about ancient Rome (#4): temple of Saturn

The Temple of Saturn (Templum Saturni or Aedes Saturnus) was one of the oldest temples of Rome, its history going back to the times of the legendary Roman monarchy. Read more.

Reading Ready Player One

10/10. This is my score. Just once more it occurred to me that a book has abstracted and inmersed me so much in the story. Read more.

New video of test session

I have upload a new video showing one of my common test sessions inside my VR enviroment of ancient Rome. The I have a walk through the temples of Vesta, Castor and Pollux, and the Basilica Iulia. Read more.

Lessons from Epic samples

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I do not want to let it go more time without comments on the progress of the project. The situation, to say it fast, is this: I have much to redo. Read more.

Researching about ancient Rome (#3): the basilica Julia

My process for creating the 3D models of buildings in the Reflector is always the same. First, I search for all kinds of information taken from the Internet or books, including photos, drawings, renderings of other 3D models, data about sizes, and one last thing very useful: measurements on the ruins. Read more.

Project roadmap

If you want to know the progress of the project, is available a Trello roadmap with tasks I hope to undertake in the future. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#8)

So the second temple, the Castor and Pollux one, is also within Unreal. Read more.

Time-jump-points, archaeo-economies and other ramblings

Following a bit with the thoughts I started in previous posts about the Archaeoverse, there are things I have been considering on the subject I wanted to share. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#7)

Achieved! My first test in Unreal Engine 4 is completed. Here I leave a brief video, identical to the one I did in Unity. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#6): switching to Unreal Engine 4

I have to say it: Unreal Engine 4 is awesome. I sensed it when it was released a few weeks ago, but now I can confirm it. It’s probably the best comercial game-engine currently in the market. Read more.

Ready for VR?

Virtual Reality is upon us. 2014 is his great first year. In the coming months we are going to see featured products reach the stores. But are our PCs ready for this coming VR? Read more.

The Archaeoverse

In the previous post I talked about the Metaverse and we have seen that the idea is that it will not only be a single Metaverse, but certainly many. There will be online videogames that will be Metaversos themselves. This brings me to my idea of ”Archaeoverse”. Read more.

The Metaverse

During the Steam Dev Days on January this year two common concepts of Virtual Reality have become fashionable again, thanks to Michael Abrash. One is the concept of “presence”. The other is the “Metaverse”. At the time of his change to Oculus VR Abrash has declared that he is going to devote, along with his friend John Carmack, to realize that dream, the “Metaverse”. But what is exactly the “Metaverse” and what implications could bring its construction? Read more.

Playing a videogame (#1): Rome in Assassin’s Creed

Last week I’ve been sick, and not wanting to work. It has been a good time to rest and, why not, to continue with some old games that I had forgotten. I am modeling the imperial Rome, so it’s not a bad idea to ask: how do games show Rome? Read more.

Reflector progress update (#5): rectangular shaped temples

One thing that makes it much easier to create the buildings of ancient Rome is that things in architecture are repeated a lot. A column, for example, with small variations, is fixed. After making one column, all are made. Same with rectangular buildings. Read more.

Researching about ancient Rome (#2): temple of the Vestals

First a bit of History… Vesta was the goddess of the sacred fire for the Romans. His feast, the Vestalias, held from June 7 to 15. In it the priestesses, the Vestals, led offerings of bread and other food, wine and flowers to the temple. During the festivities was the only time of the year that could be offered the mola salsa, a typical Roman dish, to the goddess. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#4)

Mission accomplished! First test with Oculus rift done! Here I leave a short video showing how easy has been to integrate Oculus rift in Unity. Read more.

Researching about ancient Rome (#1): the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was a relatively small space inside the ancient Rome, with rectangular shape, which ran in a short valley between the Capitoline and Palatine Hill. It represented the most important place in Rome, where dignitaries came together to appear in public, most revered temples were arranged, and administrative life of the Empire takes place. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#3)

The next natural step to take to continue with the project of the “Reflector of the Past” was learn again how Unity works and start creating a simple land on which to settle my models to see how they look. Also I had to see how to integrate Oculus Rift within Unity. Read more.

Reflector progress update (#2)

The first decision I have taken in the “Reflector of the Past” project was to choose a place to prototype it and choose the appropriate software to perform it. I have always been excited about three ancient locations of all: Rome, Athens and Jerusalem. As the best known and documented is Rome… Read more.

Reflector progress update (#1)

I am a passionate of History, and I am very excited about new technologies. And having both joined is really awesome for me. I have already mentioned that Virtual Reality, that thing very much talked about in the 90s but then forgot as quickly as it arose, is going to coming back with force this year… Read more.

Entering into the machine

In the future our reality will be both physical and virtual. It is something that maybe we don’t realize it has already started to happen to us. We have been many years using machines to perform operations that previously required an alternative mean to perform them… Read more.

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